Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Super Junior's Heechul sat down for an interview about his experience in the military. The singer reassured fans that he is doing fine and is adjusting and enjoying military life.
Many fans were worried about his leg which underwent surgery not too long ago. The singer revealed that he trains just as hard as everyone else and doesn't want special treatment. "My superiors even tell me to take care of my health first, but I mean, I’m a soldier in training just like everybody else," Heechul stated.
With his leg not giving him any problems, Heechul let fans know that military life wasn't giving him any problems either. At first, he felt awkward in his new environment, but after a while he's adjusted and feels at ease.
His time in the military has given him a slower pace of life. The singer takes advantage of his free time by enjoying the night sky and talking to his fellow soldiers. However, the best part of military life is shooting a M-16 rifle. "I think I shoot really well; I’m on point. I’ve been complimented by my superiors," he stated.
Another joy Heechul gets while in the military is all the fan mail. He's even received letters from fellow SM Entertainment members Sunny, Seohyun and Taeyeon of SNSD and f(x)'s Sulli. The girls gave him cute pictures and autographs along with their letters.