Friday, September 23, 2011

Ohh.. i don't believe it..

oh..myy.. i don't believe it.. why my dear?! why?! why are you so old?! i think you're high school student.. butt.. you're 21 years old.. ohh..myy.. jarak antara kite berdua sangat jauh my dear.. sooo far.. haha.. but..i dont care about it.. i'm still love you hongo kanata.. your age is 21 and my age is 13.. haha.. umur bukan penghalang nyer my dear.. i'm still support you my dear.. i always be with you.. dont worry be happy.. but.. seriously i dont believe it.. your face like baby-face beauty but your age....(i dont know how to say it).. hahaha.. i read your biodata ermmm.. i m still shock.. just like the song.. everyday i'm shock(shock).. haahaa.. your age same like lee hong gi.. haha.. my lovely boyfriend biodata---->
Name: Hongo Kanata / 本郷奏多 / ほんごう かなた
Birthdate: 1990-11-15
Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Height: 171cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood type: O

kesian die.. kampung dekat Miyagi.. hancur kampung die disebabkan tsunami.. isshh.. let's pray for japan.. haha.. k , that's all.. tata,, annyeong.. ja'ne.. -.. my lovely bf--> hongo kanata ..-