Sunday, December 11, 2011

T-ara to Change Group Leaders

It has recently been announced that Korean girl group T-ara's current leader, Hyo Min, will soon be replaced by fellow member So Yeon.
T-ara's management, Core Content Entertainment, confirmed the shift in leadership during a press release on December 7th, in which they reasoned that the switch would coincide with the group's new concept for the upcoming single, "Lovey Dovey".
Core Contents went on to explain, "The position of group leader is designated to a member for a period of six to eight months. During their time as leader, the member will oversee the group's visual concept. It's a crucial role, which has already been fulfilled by past leaders Eun Jung, Bo Ram, and now, Hyo Min."
Currently, the group's new leader, So Yeon, is undertaking various aspects of T-ara's new single, "Lovey Dovey", which will be released Christmas Eve, December 24th.