Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ft Island..

FNC Music has revealed that FT Island will be back with a remake album titled “Memory in FTISLAND” and has unveiled the album’s jacket cover. The first teaser will be out at midnight on October 7th and that pictures will actually be revealed before the teaser comes out.
FNC Music also wrote on the group’s website, “Hello, this is FNC Music’s fan club personnel. FT Island’s remake teaser will be released on October 7th at midnight on FT Island’s official website and Youtube account. Prior to the teaser being revealed to the public on October 7th, ‘MEMORY IN FTISLAND’ jacket photo has been unveiled on the official website. This is FT Island’s first album in awhile. Thank you for your interest PRIMADONNA. The teaser released to the public may or may not change at a later date. Thank you.”
Besides the above information, PRIMADONNAs will be left wondering what exactly the album will contain.

!! sarannghae ft island !!